Free Junk Removal in Spokane WA – What Are Your Options?

Junk Removal Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Are you looking for effective free ways to remove the clutter from your home? You’re not alone. Junk removal can become a major hassle, and when it begins to pile in different areas in your home, the time to get rid of the junk is now. However, you may be thinking about efficient ways to eliminate junk by yourself. Luckily, there are practical ways to remove the clutter and enjoy more space. Junk removal doesn’t have to be stressful if you choose to do it alone.

First Step: Package Your Items

Figuring out which items you no longer want should be the first step before you start your junk removal process. After you’ve decided which things must go, you can begin boxing up those belongings. We suggest boxing similar items together, so you won’t have to rearrange anything at the drop-off station. With the piles you’ve created, you can either pack them into bags or cardboard boxes. To make the process a little easier, label the containers based on what is inside. Getting rid of junk doesn’t have to be a hassle, especially when you create a plan. When choosing to remove the junk yourself, making sure you do it step by step breaks up the length and allows you to survey everything that must go.

Donate Your Gently Used Belongings

After you’ve cleared the junk and boxed your unwanted belongings, the next step is to figure out where to take them. Donating gently used items to local charities is a great way to give back and limit your environmental impact. Nonprofits like the Habitat ReStore are a great option for donating any lightly used items you’re looking to get rid of. This is why taking the time to go through your junk, packing, and labeling your items is helpful. This way, you know which items are strictly for donations or should be disposed of. There are plenty of charities and nonprofits that are always looking for items, and donating your items to them is a simple task and always free to do.

A Legend Junk Removal pro hauling away junk

Don’t Toss It, Recycle It

If you have old electronics that are collecting dust in your home, recycling is an easy way to get rid of them without harming the environment. E-waste should always be handled with care, as disposing of it incorrectly can harm the environment for years to come. You can utilize programs such as E-Cycle Washington to freely dispose of your old electronics in a way that reduces ecological harm. Since you’ve already boxed and labeled your items, you can move on to find one of their numerous drop-off sites around Spokane. This way, you’re getting old junk out of your way and contributing to your community!

Local Dumping Sites

Luckily, Spokane County residents have access to a number of different disposal sites located around the county. Sites like the Waste to Energy Facility are doing their part to take a large amount of junk we all have and put it to better use by burning waste and converting it to electricity! These sites will accept recyclables and household hazardous waste for free, making them great options for the environment and your wallet. While these sites will freely accept the above items, be aware that self-haul sites in Spokane County charge for general trash and yard debris. 

Dependable Junk Removal Service

Even though removing junk on your own can save you money, it can also be dangerous and time-consuming. We’re all busy, and setting time aside to get rid of your own junk can be a lot. Even if you have items that aren’t as heavy as stoves, mattresses, or furniture, it’s best to have someone with the appropriate tools and equipment haul them away. That’s why Legend Junk Removal is here! We understand junk more than anyone, and we want to make sure our customers know all the options before you move forward with us.

As professional movers, we have the equipment and tools to get the job done. If you’ve started removing the junk by yourself and find yourself with no more energy, give us a call. We can pick up where you left off without leaving a mess. Our junk removal process is easy and affordable. No matter the size of the job, our team can remove, recycle, and dispose of the items. Let us take the junk from your hands so you can enjoy extra space.

Legend Junk Removal Can Help

There are many ways to remove junk for free. However, junk removal can take time, especially if it’s been a while since your last clean out. When you don’t have the time to declutter your own space, Legend Junk Removal is here. Booking with us is made easy. We offer reliable junk removal services in the Spokane, WA, area that can remove your clutter for good. When you hire us, you don’t have to worry about anything. Our services are also truly reasonable and won’t break the bank. When you require junk removal, get in touch with us and allow our friendly team members to answer any questions you have!