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Property management is a wild world filled with moves, foreclosures, and evictions, so you probably don’t have time for DIY junk removal. Fortunately, you don’t ever have to resort to this sort of work because Legend Junk Removal is here to help! We remove junk from all kinds of properties so our clients don’t have to.

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If you’re a landlord or property manager in the Greater Spokane Area, then it’s incredibly likely that you’ve had to sort out junk removal problems before. When a property suddenly goes empty, you have to clear out the clutter so the next people to move in won’t have any complaints. However, it’s not like you want to do this work on your own. The good news is that you don’t have to because of our property management services. The team at Legend Junk Removal works fast so you can save time and get rid of junk all at once!

So, what sort of properties are you looking to have cleaned up? When you have junk at an evicted apartment, foreclosed town house, closed-down restaurant, or anywhere else, we can be there soon to remove the junk. What’s more, we’ll have lots of truck space and a team that wants to serve you right. When you see them in action, you’ll know you made the right choice in an instant!

Why Us for Property Junk Removal?

Apartment junk removal, HOA junk removal, and real estate junk removal are all different forms of property management services. While it’s true that many companies near you provide these services, you’re probably only interested in the quickest and most affordable company. If so, then you’re in the right place. At Legend Junk Removal, we have a hardworking team that aims to finish your appointment fast without cutting any corners. Not only that, but our cost of property junk removal is inexpensive thanks to our volume-based pricing scale.

Of course, being fast and affordable doesn’t mean anything if the team can’t get the job done right. Fortunately, at Legend Junk Removal, we deliver when it comes to fantastic customer service. We’re friendly, strong, and capable of hauling away so many different sorts of junk from your properties. Heavy appliances won’t faze us, and what’s more, piles of housewares and commercial junk won’t stop us, either. So there’s no need to wonder about whether we can get the work done or not. We can do it, and there are no questions about it.

If you need our property management services, then why wait to get started? When you’re ready, you can schedule an appointment now by contacting us online or calling us at 509-761-4999. We’ll have a few questions for you regarding how much junk you have and when you’d like us to come by and get it. By the time we’re done chatting, we’ll have confirmed your appointment time and date, so look forward to seeing us shortly!

How Property Junk Removal Works
  1. Time is crucial when property management is involved. Because of this, we’ll make sure we’re not even a second late. When you see our truck pull up, it’s time for junk removal!
  2. Tell us what we need to know about the property’s junk, then accept our upfront service quote. We never add hidden fees, so our quoted price is the final price.
  3. We will work hard to haul your junk off the property fast, then load it onto our truck. Afterwards, we’ll check our work and accept your payment.
  4. Finally, we’ll head out so we can take the junk to a disposal site. Now your property is ready to be rented out or sold, so you’d best get to it!

Donating Unwanted Items from Property Management Services

Unfortunately, people might leave behind things that are still in good condition when they leave your property in squalor. Since these items are good for more than just taking up space in the dump, we’ll ensure that they’re taken to a donation site. Because of this, routine property management doesn’t have to have such a big impact on the environment’s well-being. There are so many different kinds of items we can donate on your behalf, including old furniture, clothes, toys, electronics, and more. What’s more, we can even bring you a tax write-off afterwards, meaning our property management services can save you money the next time you pay your taxes.

About Us

Legend Junk Removal began with a vision of providing the community with premium junk removal services that were better than the competition. Nowadays, this is more than just a vision. It’s a reality, and if you don’t believe it, then check out our many five-star reviews. Our neighbors are raving about us because of our low prices and professional service. What’s more, you can join them as another satisfied customer by simply reaching out to us and booking an appointment today. Remember, a local company can serve you best, so don’t miss your chance to meet the Legend Junk Removal crew!

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What Our Customers Have to Say

  • review rating

    We recently moved and had a decent sized pile of ripped boxes and random junk and garbage taking up a full parking space in our garage. I contacted LJR for a quote to get rid of it. I was pleasantly surprised to hear back right away, and got set up for next day service! I was very impressed with the communication from Jason as well as ETA updates on timing. Most of the time these days you’re lucky to get a 3 hour window that someone MIGHT show up in. He kept me posted the whole way which was very much appreciated. The pile that would have taken me a full day of trips to the dump took him and his colleague maybe 5 minutes to whip through. I would absolutely use their services again: they were professional, polite and did great work for a good price. Thank you gentlemen!rn

    Jesse Foster
  • review rating

    Jason and his team were fast, friendly and professional. And they come to Cheney. 10/10 recommendrn

    Bruin Dew
  • review rating

    Very friendly responded to request within the hour. Even took some extra garbage for free! Great business, definitely a good recommendation for anyone who has garbage or yard debris removed.rn

    Connor Bailey
  • review rating

    Legend Junk Removal is top notch! I had a difficult and very labor intensive job that other companies did not want to tackle but Jason approached the job with enthusiasm. He took the time to think outside of the box to develop an effective strategy to tackle the job with ease, speed and efficiency. He and his crew were all super respectful, punctual, reliable, and friendly. I appreciated that after a grueling day of work they were all still laughing and smiling. All around a great group of guys, reasonably priced and a good experience. I would not hesitate to use them again.rn

    Kathy Norr
  • review rating

    Needed help with clean up at house after divorce, they were professional, empathic, caring and extremely efficient and quick! Would use them again!rn

    Monte Drake
  • review rating

    Jason and his team were absolutely awesome! On time, professional and simply did a great job with all requested projects. Very reasonable priced. Job well done! Would highly recommend!!rn

    Dan Bond
  • review rating

    Garage clean out and junk removal. The garage had been my father’s workshop and it was full of tools, wood pieces, screws, nails containers from over 50 years. He never threw anything away Jason, owner, was on time and gave us an estimate of how many truckloads it would take and how much it would cost, which was accurate. It took longer than he had expected but he continued until it was finished. He and Steve were professional and hard workers. They got everything out and swept and raked the floors. Jason went the extra step of separating the metal items out to recycle. I would definitely use this business againrn

    Sheryl Gosser
  • review rating

    I highly recommend Legend Junk Removal. I have used them personally and recommend them to all my clients for junk removal and/or furniture and moving services. Jason and his crew are experienced and professional. They take their time and care genuinely about your furniture and your home. And they have the nicest dump truck I have ever seen!rn

    Cynthia Gustafson
  • review rating

    Jason & Legend Junk Removal was great! Very professional and had great customer service skills. They were quick, great to work with, and made the whole process super easy. I would definitely recommend them for any junk removal needs!rn

    Megan Gooing
  • review rating

    Top notch, great price, on time, and fast too. Jason did an amazing job. Very friendly and professional. Will use again anytime and we highly recommend his business . Thanks againrn

    Scott Crossman

Service Areas

Legend Junk Removal is based in Spokane, WA, but offers its services to other locations as well.

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Service Areas

Legend Junk Removal is based in Spokane, WA, but offers its services to other locations as well.

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