How Cleaning Out A Hoarder’s House Works

Introduction to Hoarder House Junk Removal

Dealing with hoarder junk in Greater Spokane? You’re not alone. When faced with such a difficult problem, you might not be sure who to turn to for help. Fortunately, there are many junk removal companies near you that are willing to come to your aid. They’re experts at cleaning out hoarder house junk, and you can learn how they make it happen below!

Initial Review: Sizing Up the Mess

Cleaning out hoarder house junk can’t be done without preparations, and preparations can’t be made without an initial review. Because of this, when a professional hoarder junk removal company, such as Legend Junk Removal, comes to clean up hoarder junk, they’ll take a short tour of the premises. How high are the boxes piled up? Where are there mounds of garbage to sift through? What heavy items, such as furniture, will require the assistance of multiple team members to haul away? Questions such as these will all be considered during the initial review.

Generally, during this review process, the junk removal team will determine the total volume of all the junk, or how much truck space it will take up. Why? Well, that’s so the team can estimate a volume-based price for you. At the very least, that’s how it works at Legend Junk Removal. We find that our customers like knowing the hoarder junk removal cost ahead of time. Estimating the total volume of the junk ahead of time is also helpful for the team, since they’ll be able to plan for multiple truck trips if necessary.

A Legend Junk Removal pro hauling junk

Removing Junk, One Load At A Time

Once you’ve approved the upfront service quote, it’s time to leap into things! The junk removal team will start picking up junk and hauling it to the truck. Generally, the team will tackle one room at a time. You may also find that the team will leave behind larger items for last. In many cases, hoarder houses have cramped conditions—sometimes the hallways are too crowded to allow for the safe removal of bigger objects. Because of this, the team will chip away at these smaller things in the way. That way, the removal of bigger objects is a piece of cake closer to the end of the appointment!

While cleaning out hoarder house junk, it’s important that the junk removal team handles the junk with care, even if it’s just junk. Why? Well, in many cases, the hoarder will be present—and due to their condition, they may have a negative emotional reaction to seeing their things tossed and shoved around. To help make the hoarder junk removal appointment as painless as possible for everyone, it’s best that the team is gentle with the junk and courteous to everyone on the premises.

Cleaning Up and Finishing Touches

With the last of the hoarder junk in the truck, that marks the end of the process, right? You’d think that, but it’s not necessarily the case. After all, when hoarder trash is finally out of the way, you can see the house with complete clarity. Sometimes, this means seeing rat droppings, crumbs, splinters, dust, and other little pieces of waste scattered on the floors. Obviously, some hoarder houses will be in worse condition than others, but a junk removal team will often be able to help with additional clean up tasks. For example, at Legend Junk Removal, we can help sweep up, wipe down windows, and more.

Hoarder Junk Disposal

At the end of the day, when the house is clean and the junk is all loaded up in the truck, it’ll be time to bid the junk removal team farewell. And when this happens, they’ll have to take that junk somewhere, right? The question is, where? In many cases, junk removal businesses will head straight to one of our local landfills to say goodbye to that stuff for good. Hey, at least you didn’t have to dispose of it yourself.

Other junk removal companies strive for a more environmentally friendly disposal method. Consider all those items removed from the hoarder’s house, and you might realize that not all of them are “junk”, per se. What about the perfectly functional tools, decorations, clothes, and toys? If they’re still in good condition, many junk removal companies will donate them instead of throwing them out.

Hoarder Clean Outs May Be Right for You

Do you think you need help cleaning out a hoarder’s house? If you have been putting off do-it-yourself hoarder junk removal, and you’re starting to doubt that you’ll ever get around to it, then professional services may be right for you. Let a crew of fully trained experts haul away the hoarder junk, and you’ll be able to use that time and energy for something else. It’s a tempting offer, and it’s just a phone call away.